Friday, May 6, 2011

What's New at Dollhouse Designs

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Victorian Waterfall, 2nd in the Grand Ball Series

Putting a difficult year behind me, I was so relieved & excited to begin sewing and designing again. I've had a slow start and can only be grateful for those of you that have been able to bear with me. 

Truly, there have been many times that my favorite hobby has gotten me though some difficult times. Most of my outfits are brand new patterns that I create as I construct the garment and it's a nice creative outlet. The very best part is that I am usually sewing for someone else, and I get to hear of their joy at receiving the item. That sense of delight never gets old.

My favorite new project that has already debuted is The Grand Ball Series. Made of superior fabrics with unique design touches, I aim for this to be a memorable set. Lots of hand-stitching, beading or other special elements will be used. I will continue through the year and culminate in fashions that span the seasons.
For each American Girl era –or close to it- a special Gala gown will be created. Felicity received the inaugural edition for the Colonial period. Of glorious brocade with a sweeping train that has a wrist loop, it was so fun to put together.

 Up next, this heavenly 1850's Gown is almost ready. Called Victorian Waterfall after the famous site in South Africa, the fabric seemed to mimic water froth and swirls. Midway between pale Aqua & Sky Blue, I followed the water theme by adding flowing tucks on the sleeves and layers upon layers of white lace and ribbon. Beads and Pearls complete the illusion by mimicking little bubbles on the surface of the water. "Waves" of scrolling trim flow across the skirt in even scallops.

I was inspired by images from Godey's Lady's Book, a wildly popular women's magazine from the 19th century. I am putting on the final details to the accessories that will accompany this gown, due to begin auction on May 8th.

I do plan one more Colonial for Elizabeth and there will be many other styles to come from the elegant Regency period to the glitzy heydays of Hollywood.  I have an upcoming Masquerade theme, complete with mask, that I am chomping at the bit to begin.
1st in the Grand Ball Series

Balls were formal dances and children would sometimes attend, depending on the theme or reason for the celebration. One’s best manners and of course most special finery were required. Little girls dreamed of being old enough to attend a ball.

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