Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dolly Sneaker Revamp

I love these little Converse-style sneakers for 18" dolls. They are not AG, but a good maker -Sophia's. The shoes fit well and are adorable. The only thing I was not crazy about was the shoe lace. Tying itty bitty bows onto AG feet is not easy, esp when it is a shoe lace w/ standard grommet.

My fix? I got some 1/8" elastic and threaded it thru to look like laces. I left some extra at the end and tied a secure knot. That tucks down into the shoe pretty well, and Voila! Easy-on-off sneakers :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pattern Sale thru Nov 14th

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Coming Soon:
New Patterns & other items

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ruthie Coat Pattern Coming Soon!

The original Ruthie Coat design
New Patterns on the Way!

I call this the Russian version :P
Making the last adjustments to the Alternate View to Ruthie's Winter Coat. I expect to be done w/ it tomorrow and the pattern available hopefully Friday/Saturday or early next week. It's one of my favorite early patterns for Kit & Ruthie's era.
Fully lined, it will have fur or fabric trim (depending on View A or B) as well as a jaunty little hat & some mittens. It's designed to fit easily over clothes.
Doesn't Ruthie make a great little model??

Next up is an 1812 dress and Spencer or Pelisse/Coat. I have designed both so I am still deciding which to make the as first pattern for the beautiful Caroline. Watch for details on that one..... as well as a MyAG design for modern girls.

Perfecting the sleeve cut
Nearly done! Adding Pocket flaps
I have so many more patterns in various stages of progress. I doodle up designs and work on the drafting portions when I am not able to actively sew (see below) and then they are ready for me to run with once I am feeling better!

So happy with the seeming design and sewing boom that AG seamstresses have had. I just love to see all the new creations and pin things to my American Girl Pinterest board. I believe that all the creative energy inspires all of us to do more. Etsy has been the source of so much talent, making new handmade things available for dressing dolls in endless options. (This is my own Etsy shop.)

Wishing you all well ♥

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Grace -Sundress in
2  styles coming soon!
Patterns Patterns Patterns...

Pleasant Peasant Pattern available now

In and out of periods of accomplishment. Lately, I am in. Hooray.  On the left is a sneak preview of the next pattern due on June 11th -Summer Grace.   Scroll down for more  : )


And now... Pleasant Peasant. The name honors the wonderful Pleasant T. Rowland, who created American Girl Dolls all those years ago. It's fun to go back and look at the pre-Mattel dolls and especially those amazing catalogs! ♥♥
Peasant Blouse over jeans

Pleasant Peasant comes in 3 lengths -Blouse, Tunic, & Dress. Three sleeve lengths, too! Lots of design options to choose from.
PDF sewing pattern is available at both Craftsy & Etsy

Almost Finished: Summer Grace is a delightful pattern that offers 2 looks, a Modern and a 50's Retro.  Both feature full skirts & a ruched, lined bodice.  This first preview is a modern high-waist, almost Grecian in style. Features a lively circle skirt & the straps twist together for a fun look. I added a playful ruffle at the hem, but that is up to you :)

 To come in the days ahead: a preview of the 50's retro style. It features a  natural waistline & traditional shoulder straps. The neckline is also a bit different.I hope you like them!-Renee

Monday, April 9, 2012

A peek at what's coming soon in patterns for MyAG/JLY dolls: a really fun wrap dress for Knits! I was inspired by this Missoni-like knit I found. My JLY girls are really excited!

Look for it this week :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am having a Pre-Sale on my newest pattern. It's an Ode to Spring :)
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Monday, February 27, 2012

My new Patterns!

One new Pattern and one on the way later this week...

Available now on Etsy

Coming Next week:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exclusive Sewing Patterns for 18" dolls 
by Dollhouse Designs©

1940's Sunday Rose Garden Dress or 
Blouse w/ Skirt
for American Girl Molly & other 18" dolls 

Digital PDF Pattern delivered within 24 hours

 Feminine details like gently puffed sleeves & the jaunty peplum ruffle make this pretty enough for dress up or a nice everyday look for school or a day at the movies. Make the Blouse & Skirt for fun fashion options or the dress for a quick -but sweet- choice.

  • Fit & Flare skirt
  • Pretty lined Peplum ruffle at waist
  • Sofly puffed sleeeves w/ band
  • Waist is cinched in back w/ your choice of  belt tie or elastic
  • Neckline option
  • Lined Bodice
  • Trim suggestions
  • Tailored to fit AG dolls perfectly (no guesswork, disappointing results, or time-consuming alterations) 
  • Print out only the pieces that you want
  • Clear instructions w/ Photos & Illustrations
I like to imagine this outfit as something Molly's mother cut down from one of her own dresses to make something pretty for her daughter.

Wartime rationing called on 40's seamstresses to  reduce the amount of fabric used. This really changed the silhouette of "fashion on  the ration", raising hemlines and making the US the fashion capital, temporarily trumping Paris couture.  Make Do and Mend was a slogan used in the US & Britain, as fabric manufacturers supplied the war effort. It caught on and was a popular mindset.

This design uses a scant 1/4 yard of fabric & modest trims for a fetching result. I enjoy using high quality muslin -a sewing staple- for lining and bias trim, something dressmakers of the past utilized as well. Perfect for pretty cotton fabrics.

Note: Dollhouse Designs has no affiliation with American Girl or Mattel.

American Girl Doll Pattern  Sewing Pattern 18" Doll Pattern 1940's Doll Dress Pattern Molly McIntire