Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Grace -Sundress in
2  styles coming soon!
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Pleasant Peasant Pattern available now

In and out of periods of accomplishment. Lately, I am in. Hooray.  On the left is a sneak preview of the next pattern due on June 11th -Summer Grace.   Scroll down for more  : )


And now... Pleasant Peasant. The name honors the wonderful Pleasant T. Rowland, who created American Girl Dolls all those years ago. It's fun to go back and look at the pre-Mattel dolls and especially those amazing catalogs! ♥♥
Peasant Blouse over jeans

Pleasant Peasant comes in 3 lengths -Blouse, Tunic, & Dress. Three sleeve lengths, too! Lots of design options to choose from.
PDF sewing pattern is available at both Craftsy & Etsy

Almost Finished: Summer Grace is a delightful pattern that offers 2 looks, a Modern and a 50's Retro.  Both feature full skirts & a ruched, lined bodice.  This first preview is a modern high-waist, almost Grecian in style. Features a lively circle skirt & the straps twist together for a fun look. I added a playful ruffle at the hem, but that is up to you :)

 To come in the days ahead: a preview of the 50's retro style. It features a  natural waistline & traditional shoulder straps. The neckline is also a bit different.I hope you like them!-Renee


  1. I love the 2 last picture of Lanie. She looks stunning! Blue is my favorite color, so I love that dress too!

  2. Claire, thank you so much! :D Lanie looks good in so many colors so she does most of the work! I tried a new braid on her hair but had to leave a little curl out. Blue is one of my favorites, too! Have a lovely weekend :)


  3. I love this dress pattern! It looks so summery and cool. I can't wait to try it! Of course, I won't have the beautiful Lanie as a model, but I think it will look great on Emily, Ruthie, or Rebecca :)

  4. Thank you Jan! I am pretty sure the other girls will look just as lovely :) Have fun sewing!

  5. Hi! I awarded you the I Love Your Blog award!