Monday, September 17, 2012

Ruthie Coat Pattern Coming Soon!

The original Ruthie Coat design
New Patterns on the Way!

I call this the Russian version :P
Making the last adjustments to the Alternate View to Ruthie's Winter Coat. I expect to be done w/ it tomorrow and the pattern available hopefully Friday/Saturday or early next week. It's one of my favorite early patterns for Kit & Ruthie's era.
Fully lined, it will have fur or fabric trim (depending on View A or B) as well as a jaunty little hat & some mittens. It's designed to fit easily over clothes.
Doesn't Ruthie make a great little model??

Next up is an 1812 dress and Spencer or Pelisse/Coat. I have designed both so I am still deciding which to make the as first pattern for the beautiful Caroline. Watch for details on that one..... as well as a MyAG design for modern girls.

Perfecting the sleeve cut
Nearly done! Adding Pocket flaps
I have so many more patterns in various stages of progress. I doodle up designs and work on the drafting portions when I am not able to actively sew (see below) and then they are ready for me to run with once I am feeling better!

So happy with the seeming design and sewing boom that AG seamstresses have had. I just love to see all the new creations and pin things to my American Girl Pinterest board. I believe that all the creative energy inspires all of us to do more. Etsy has been the source of so much talent, making new handmade things available for dressing dolls in endless options. (This is my own Etsy shop.)

Wishing you all well ♥