Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elsa, Ice Queen Gown - Original and PINK

Hello all,

Have you heard? My Elsa Ice Queen Pattern has been in my Etsy shop for a few days now.

Dollhouse Designs Etsy Shop

Just for fun (and I know there are one or two little girls that cannot get enough of the color Pink) I decided to create a Pink Elsa costume!
I have entitled it "Break of Dawn" Elsa for the line in her song "Let it Go". "And I'll rise like the break of dawn"

 The pattern has very detailed instructions and lots of great diagrams and pictures so that you can make an Elsa gown of your very own.

Anna is coming soon! Her Cape and Cap and then shortly after her Winter outfit.
Both Coronation outfits and other outfits from the movie will also be appearing in AG form - outfits and patterns for all.

Thanks and have a lovely Spring week...



  1. My daughters are obsessed with Elsa! Thanks, Renee, for sharing it and making it available on Etsy! I hope Maggie and Page will like it. By the way, there are more patterns at There is a community of designers.

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