Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hearts & Flowers

Tis the Season for Love...

Signs of  "I <3 (Insert Object of Love)" are everywhere. Sometimes it might start to seem a little commercial or overdone -and it probably is :)... but the message of Valentine's Day stays with us & inspires us. What is in our collective hearts is Family, Friends, Children, Romance, & showing others we care.
So in the grand tradition of V Day, here are some treats to enjoy & they don't even have any calories!

History Channel's All about Valentine's Day

Godiva Truffles -Must be experienced to believe!

Doll Diaries -Valentine Fun -Cute stuff for Girls & Dolls :)

This is my new 3-pc set. It has a Candy Heart Graffiti skirt w/ cute messages. The blouse has a sweetheart neckline & leggings have a cute exposed elastic waist w/ picot trim. They double as PJs in a pinch!  Available on Etsy (see link above) The Embellished Jeans above are for Julie. Way groovy, man :)  Peace. Love. Available on eBay...

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  1. Very cute! I love the jeans and the skirt!