Friday, January 8, 2010

Those Pretty, New, & Empty Calendars

When we start the New Year & get out those spanking new calendars, it's a wonderful feeling of beginning fresh. Where will the year lead? What will I be doing in July? Hopefully on vacation, right?

Speaking of those, it would be great to design an AG calendar, wouldn't it? A collaborative affair -There are so many amazing scenes I see posted in various spots of intricate dioramas & whimsical scenic shots). I would totally be on board w/ creating a layout (I dabble in Photoshop & do Photography on the side)

Getting back to my lost thread, this is a natural time for reflection. In that vein I have decided to add a couple of sketches from my Design Planner that I am working on for upcoming projects. I often begin a new project by picking up a pencil, and seeing where it leads me.

While on subject of my planner, I can't resist adding a sketch I made of Molly for a sweet project for NEXT year's Holiday Season. It's something I penciled in for that looming -and as yet blank- July page. If I begin then, there's no way I'll run out of time :) I had conceived it too late in the season to accomplish it for '09... but that's part of the fun of having a whole new year to play around with!

Currently I am at work on Valentine outfits mainly, which will segue into pretty Spring florals & pastels. My favorite upcoming design is the Monet dress. More on that later!

I do like to throw in something totally against the grain from time to time, and have decided to step into the present day. I am excited to also introduce some new Modern designs. That is the great thing about American Girl Dolls: They are there smiling, ready to go whereever you lead, and wherever the year takes you...

One last note, or maybe two:
The Doll Wardrobe is having an amazing Giveaway! 2 Precious Lanie dolls. Here's the link:

Speaking of Lanie, (and who isn't?) she was a surprise, but a sweet one. Being green, Nature-loving, & outdoorsy she's a girl after my own heart. And what will this new Year bring from AG? We'll be finding out together :)


  1. I love ur sketches and the dress you designed. Post more sketches your so good at them :) And I love the pictures you post

  2. How great that you have a blog now! It's interesting the way you work - I practically never sketch! I write down lots of details, but for some reason don't draw. Fun to see someone who does.

  3. I love your Molly picture and that dress sketch-wonderful work!