Thursday, October 13, 2011

Milkmaid Glamour

Hello to all!
I have been away so long that I wanted to take a moment to reassure you that I have not fallen through a crack in the pavement! An emergency (and scary) situation with my daughter had taken all of my abilities to navigate the days.

Things are much better now and I am getting back to shipping and stitching. I have had some major delays with shipping some items and I am sincerely sorry –keeping me up at night sorry- for that. I am hoping to get everything resolved this weekend for shipment Monday.
I feel blessed to know so many kind souls that offer encouragement and heartfelt words.
Now I have all of this beautiful Fall and Winter fabric to create with… where to start??

The Milkmaid Gown 

The Polonaise is that oh-so-lovely skirt with the side poufs. Even in the Colonial days, women & girls were every bit as concerned with new fashions as they are today. 
In the countryside, long skirt hems got in the way of milking cows or gathering water. Reaching down and tucking the skirt hems into a waistband or pocket kept them from hazard. Elegant ladies passing by in their carriages might have seen this look worn by their humbler counterparts, simple and wholesome as the style was.

A version of this was created using cords or ties to keep the skirt elegantly in place. It became the surprise darling of Fashion in 1772 and for awhile afterward. Marie Antoinette was so smitten with the shepherdess look, that she had gowns designed to wear when she was relaxing at home in Trianon at Versailles.
While I can imagine a darling country frock to fit a rural AG as she goes off to tend Farm chores (and yes even now I am thinking of stitching one up) it seems that Colonial ladies were quite taken with the very rural and rustic runchings of tucked skirts.
To honor that pretty look, I am finishing a robe à la Polonaise for Felicity and Elizabeth in rich Autumn hues. I created a specially fitted pattern for it. The bodice, or stomacher, is beaded and the entire bodice lined in humble muslin. A long time in the making due to all the hand-stitching, it is quite in keeping w/ the period. I will be listing this on Etsy in a day or so. I hope you enjoy the preview here J
Wishing you Health and Joy, I am so glad you could stop by and read my little scribbling!


  1. Those colors are gorgeous! I hope things continue to get better for you.

  2. Oh, thank you! I am so glad you like, and Dawn, I really appreciate that :)

  3. So Lovely! Amazing work! Would love to see more pics of this.

  4. Thank you :) I will post early this next week!