Sunday, October 16, 2011

Swell Belle Dress - a Blast from the 1940's

I adore old sewing patterns.  Just. Love. Them.

That being said, I find them to be wonderful inspiration for things I want to make for our fave Historical Dolls, as well as interjecting some old style into modern fashions that I sew for my daughter, now 21.
Here is a gorgeous vintage sewing pattern from the 1940's. It is from one of my favorite sites ever: Vintage Patterns Wiki I could not avoid making an American Girl-sized version. It's just too perfect not to emulate :)

From the pointed Basque waist to the curved & pieced bodice, I enjoyed translating these details into miniature. I don't own the original pattern - I am largely a "window shopper", although that would change if I had the means to be a collector.

Also appearing is the finished dress. I drafted it for my own doll sewing pattern. I intend to perfect it and then release it as my very first Digital Pattern for others to use! I am excited about it and can't wait to get it ready and see the results..

I've been working on this converting-patterns-into-digital for awhile now. I am embarrassed to say well over a year! Not this particular one -I created it yesterday for myself our of tissue paper, but the idea in general. I am not the most Tech-Savvy seamstress out there. (Looming understatement.)

I hope you enjoy there little blurbs of back-information to the doll togs I create. Thanks again to all who have been patient in sticking with me. (See previous post)


  1. I love this dress and if you make a pattern out of it please let me know! It's adorable and I LOVE the colors you picked out.

  2. What a sweet little dress! Love it! You did a wonderful job!

  3. Thank you!! I had a lot of fun putting it together. Ladybrink, I surely will let you know :) I am working on it so it will be sometime probably before the end of the month. It's my first making a pattern for others so I am excited but a little nervous so your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

  4. The Vintage Patterns wiki is basically p0rn, isn't it?! I have a huuuuuuge collection of vintage patterns (because I was into that before I was into dolls) and have the goal of someday re-creating some of them in doll scale. I can't wait to see the pattern of this!

    - Joni

  5. Such a cute dress! My Ruthie wants one. :-)

    I can't wait until you release patterns, you make such amazing designs!

  6. hahahaha Joni you are so crazzy *D and yes you are right! Thank you, thank you both. How kind, Linnea! I am re-testing it just to make sure all is well. Progress updates will not be too long, I hope!

  7. This is adorable! My daughters have Molly and Emily, so this would be perfect for them. I'm a consultant for Emily Rose @Home, a doll clothes and furniture company, but we don't carry historical type outfits, so I'm always on the lookout.